Hi, I’m Jo. I’ve always had a passion for food, whether it’s cooking, styling or photographing it…..oh….and of course eating it too. When I was about 6 years old, I remember standing on a stool in our family kitchen, watching my Mum make gravy in a big oven tray, teaching me to stir in a figure of eight, to combine the ingredients, it was then when I started to take an interest in all things food. The first thing I was taught to make in Food Tech, at School was Macaroni and Cheese, when it went down a storm with my family, I knew then, that it would be my favourite meal……and it still is….well, and Pizza…..and…….well you will find out.

First of all I am a photographer, but I love nothing more than cooking in my colourful kitchen and photographing the results.

Here you will find some of my favourite recipes and food pictures.

Please contact me with any enquiries or if you would like to team up on a project. I create colourful content in my home and garden to elevate your products, this includes cooking, styling, and photographing.

Meet Faye

Faye assists me with photography, styling and creative ideas….oh and she makes an epic Victoria Sponge. Check out our Pimms Cake…..she might have had something to do with that one.

Faye grew up in East London, so you can expect some traditional/retro puds and some pie and mash for sure.